The Team

Priscilla Burgess, founder and CEO, is an acknowledged thought-leader in sustainable business. Using principles of social entrepreneurship, sustainability and frugal innovation, she incorporated Bellwether Materials after developing a unique treatment and manufacturing process to make SoftBatt insulation.

nms_1658She had been CEO of her own independent management consultancy since getting her master’s degree from Stanford University. She has successfully managed global, multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies.


  • Greg Van Gasse has years of product development and marketing experience.
  • Jim Coonan, a successful serial entrepreneur, advises on all aspects of business development.
  • Michael Morehouse has over 25 years experience building and running successful companies. As a founding partner of FGM, Inc, he built and ran the sales and marketing organization within FGM.
  • Jeffery Lloyd, PhD. Jef is EVP and Chief Scientist at Nisus Corporation. He has developed a proprietary treatment formula for wool.
  • Alistair Deas advises on appropriate technology for SoftBatts.
  • Alan Brydon is an international wool expert and advises on purchasing wool in the international market.
  • Robert Padula is a rancher with 20 years experience working with the American Sheep Association.