Loose Fill Product Transparency


Our loose fill product is composed of essentially three ingredients; recycled newsprint, borates, and sheep’s wool. The sheep’s wool is the same as that used in our batts.


We ship wool from the scouring facility to a cutting process, then to our manufacturers for blending and bagging with the cellulose. The product is bagged in poly overwrap with an added chemical that expedites the breakdown of the bag.


Our proprietary loose fill material uses the same insulation blowers used by  cellulose installers. For retrofitting, we follow the decades-old protocol of cellulose installers: “drill and fill.” Our installation is easier than that of straight cellulose, as we fill the voids with a lower density and overall weight. Our loose fill insulation can be used in new buildings and exposed wall cavities by encapsulating the wall cells with mesh, then filling manually or with a blower.


For retrofits with intact walls, our loose fill is the cleanest and safest material available.


Our proprietary wool fibers will push back to their original springy shape and size and continue to insulate your home until the end of your home’s usable life. In the event of a fire, there will be no off-gassing, and our insulation can slow the spread of flame.