About Wool Insulation

WoolBatting*For thousands of years wool has been valued for its insulating qualities. From the freezing Mongolian plains to the baking Sahara Desert wool is used for clothing and tents because it maintains a comfortable temperature inside regardless of what’s happening outside.

No other insulation products on the market will keep you as healthy, safe and comfortable as Bellwether Materials’ SoftBatts and Loose Fill insulation.


  • At home or at work wool insulation helps keep interior air safe and comfortable by
    • absorbing and locking in VOCs from surrounding materials
    • absorbing and releasing moisture from interior air
  • This means fewer allergens, fewer sick days and healthier occupants
  • The light weight of our products protects installers
  • Our raw material producers — sheep — are healthier and friskier after shearing


  • There are no harmful fumes or particles emitted from Bellwether Materials insulation at any stage of their manufacture and use
  • Wool is naturally fire resistant and will dampen flames in surrounding materials, giving occupants extra seconds to get out
  • Our insulation contains no toxic materials or chemicals that release poisonous fumes if burned
  • Easy for DIYers to install
  • The entire lifecycle is safe for people, animals and the environment


  • Our manufacturing process has minimal impact on the environment
  • Our products use very low levels of embodies energy throughout their lifecycle
  • Just by buying this product instead of others made from harmful materials with high energy use, you have helped reduce global warming


  • Bellwether Material’s insulation contributes to LEED points
  • Lower cost for fast installation — SoftBatts are simply pushed into the wall space and the loose fill uses standard equipment
  • Wool expands to fill air space. This means no air gaps that prevent insulation from performing
  • Your walls will be insulated 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of external weather
  • Wool will insulate for the life of the building. It never needs to be replaced because it doesn’t sag, shrink or lose its insulating ability
  • Due to its light weight and easy handling, working with wool insulation means fewer Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Bellwether Materials will be using excess capacity in American wool processing plants and will support thousands of rural jobs
  • Given its effectiveness and longevity, wool insulation is the least expensive option


*The information above applies only to Bellwether Materials’ SoftBatt sheep’s wool insulation.